Alpha Antenna Alpha DX EmComm Antenna for Portable HF


Experience unparalleled communication with the Alpha Antenna Alpha DX EmComm Antenna for Portable HF. Crafted to perfection, this 250 W PEP SSB antenna system guarantees seamless connectivity on frequencies spanning from impressive 10 meters to remarkable 80 meters.

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For those seeking a fully American-made 10-80 meter antenna from a U.S. owned company, look no further than this compact HF system. Ideal for first responders in emergency communication situations, it eliminates the burden of weight and the need for large spaces to set up, with a deployment time of just 60 seconds.

Operation: This is a 250W PEP SSB antenna system, where SWR results shown below are automatically achieved on 10-80 Meters.

Physical Composition: The composition of this system is a carbon fibre-infused polymer, 7075-T9 aircraft aluminium, poly sheathed woven copper clad steel wire, and 316 stainless steel.

Enhancements: A) Computer designed to maximize Q (efficiency). B) Capacity Hat configuration to enhance your signals launch patterns.

Included in Box

  • Tuning match with Built-in SO-239 connector
  • Vertical Element made of 7075-T9 aluminum
  • 4 Horizontal Elements made of 7075-T9 aluminum
  • Grounded counterpoise made of poly sheathed woven copper clad steel wire and stake
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • Carryall Case

Additional information

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