All Ride Black Sunstrip 20 x 150 cm


Black Sunstrip to fit along the top of the windscreen. 20 cm deep and 150 cm long.


This Sun Visor Film allows you to add a tint layer to the top of your windscreen in an easy way. This Film arrives pre-rolled and consists of 20 x 150 cm of Black Film. Applying the Sun Visor Film is so easy you’ll be amazed!

All Ride Black Sunstrip 20 x 150 cm Once applied your car will have a stylish Sun Visor Tint that makes for a more comfortable driving experience, especially during sunny conditions. Tinted windows also have the added benefit of keeping your car cooler by blocking sun rays from entering the car. 12% more Solar energy deflected. More than 2% of UV rays are rejected. Lowers visible light transmittance by 25%.



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Weight 0.3 kg