All Ride 24V/250W Trucker’S Kettle


Travel kettle designed to operate on 24V for truckers. This kettle holds up to 1 litre of water.


All Ride 24V/250W Trucker'S Kettle

New style All Ride Jug kettle. Travel kettle designed to operate on 24V for truckers!

This kettle sits safely on a large base with the heating element hidden in the base and will sit sturdily so that it doesn’t fall over.

The kettle includes a heavy-duty on/off switch and an auto-off function to prevent boiling dry, the lead is fitted with a heavy-duty cigarette lighter plug.

This will hold up to one litre of water and will boil half a litre in approximately 15 minutes. The kettle also features an auto-off feature when it has boiled as well. 

The length of the electrical wire is 95 centimetres.



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