All Ride 12V/150W Car Kettle 0.8L


This is a great new kettle from All Ride. It comes fitted with a Cigarette Plug with 95 cm electrical wire and a heavy-duty on/off switch.


All Ride 24V/250W Trucker'S Kettle

All Ride 12V 150W kettle with 0.8L capacity. Ideal for 12V vehicles such as cars, jeeps, vans, caravans, boats etc.

Simply plug into your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter socket and within a few minutes, you can have hot water for a refreshing cup of tea, coffee or packet of soup etc.

This kettle is made from strong durable material and comes with a fitted standard cigarette lighter plug.

Heating time depends on water condition and water capacity. The kettle also features an auto-off feature when it has boiled as well. 



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Weight1 kg