Alinco EMS-62 – 4-Pole Jack Speaker Microphone


The Alinco EMS-62 speaker microphone introduces a new design tailored for enhanced compatibility and user-friendliness.


Discover the innovative Alinco EMS-62, a cutting-edge speaker microphone designed to elevate your communication experience. Following the footsteps of the popular EMS-59/60 models, the EMS-62 introduces a sleek new design that incorporates a 4-pole water-resistant jack plug.

This advanced feature ensures seamless compatibility with the DJ-V17E and DJ-G7 models, eliminating the need for converter cables such as the EDS-10/14. Ideal for users who demand reliability and convenience, the EMS-62 offers superior sound quality and durable construction, making it an excellent choice for both amateur radio enthusiasts and professional communicators alike.

Upgrade your gear with the Alinco EMS-62 and enjoy uncompromised clarity and performance.

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