Alinco EDS10 – Microphone Adapter Cable (Twin Jack to 4-pole)


Enhance the versatility of your Alinco DJ-V17E handheld with the Alinco EDS10 Microphone Adapter Cable.


The Alinco EDS10 is a specialized microphone adapter cable designed to bridge older and newer technologies in handheld radio devices. Specifically crafted for compatibility with the Alinco DJ-V17E, this cable effectively converts standard twin jack plugs into a modern 4-pole, water-resistant plug.

This conversion not only facilitates the use of different microphones with the DJ-V17E but also enhances the device’s resilience against moisture, making it ideal for outdoor and adverse weather conditions. The adapter ensures a seamless and secure connection, providing an essential upgrade for users looking to expand the utility and durability of their communication equipment.

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Weight0.3 kg

Black, Blue, Red