Alinco EDS-12 – Remote Control Cable (for DJ-X30 or DJ-X11)


Introducing the Alinco EDS-12 Remote Control Cable, the perfect accessory designed to enhance your experience with the DJ-X30 or DJ-X11 scanner. This optional interface cable offers seamless connectivity, allowing you to take full control of your scanner’s functions remotely.


With the Alinco EDS-12, you can effortlessly connect your MP3 player or any other portable audio device, expanding the versatility of your scanning setup. Whether you’re tuning in to radio broadcasts or monitoring communication channels, enjoy the convenience of integrating external audio sources into your listening experience.

One of the standout features of the EDS-12 is its automatic input-switching capability. When the squelch opens, the cable intelligently directs the audio input to your DJ-X30 or DJ-X11 scanner, ensuring you never miss a moment of crucial communication. This seamless integration streamlines your scanning process, allowing you to stay focused on the signals that matter most.

Experience unparalleled convenience and functionality with the Alinco EDS-12 Remote Control Cable. Elevate your scanning setup and take command of your listening experience like never before.

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