Alinco EDC-37 – 12V DC Cable (For Handheld Scanners)


The Alinco EDC-37 – 12V DC Cable is an essential accessory tailored specifically for handheld scanners, ensuring seamless power connectivity for uninterrupted scanning operations.

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Crafted to accommodate a wide array of models, this versatile cable features a convenient power plug at one end, offering hassle-free compatibility with various scanning receivers. At the opposite end, it boasts two fuse holders and bare wires, meticulously designed to effortlessly accommodate a range of plug types such as cigar, crocodile, banana, or similar variants.

Designed with precision, the cable is tailored to perfectly fit models such as the DJ-X3, DJ-X10, and DJ-X2000 scanning receivers, guaranteeing a snug and secure connection. It’s a reliable companion for enthusiasts and professionals alike, facilitating efficient power distribution to your handheld scanner for optimal performance.

Alinco EDC-37 - 12V DC Cable (For Handheld Scanners) However, it’s worth noting that while the Alinco EDC-37 is compatible with a wide range of models, it is not suitable for use with the DJ-C6/C7 and the DJ-S45/CJ-175 series. This distinction ensures that users can confidently select the appropriate cable for their specific scanner model, avoiding any compatibility issues and ensuring seamless functionality. Trust in the Alinco EDC-37 – 12V DC Cable to deliver reliable power solutions, enabling you to focus on your scanning tasks with confidence and efficiency.

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