Alfatronix AD MT-3100/DM (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply


Experience uninterrupted power supply for your Motorola DM and GM series radios with the Alfatronix AD MT-3100/DM (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply. Featuring battery backup output, wide input voltage range, stable output, and high efficiency, this desktop power supply ensures reliable performance even during mains failures. With robust isolation, temperature control, and safety assurance, it’s the perfect choice for seamless communication.


Introducing the Alfatronix AD MT-3100/DM (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply, your reliable solution for uninterrupted power to your Motorola DM and GM series radios. Designed with versatility and durability in mind, this desktop power supply is equipped with essential features to ensure seamless operation even in the event of a mains failure.


  1. Battery Backup Output: Standard inclusion of a battery backup output allows for connection to maintain charge in a lead-acid battery, ensuring continuous power supply during mains outages.

  2. Wide Input Voltage Range: Auto-select function with an input voltage range of 85-135V AC and 170-265V AC, compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.

  3. Stable Output: Delivers a reliable output voltage of 13.6V DC with worst-case limits of +/- 4%, capable of providing up to 108W (9A) of power.

  4. Low Output Noise: Minimal output noise of less than 50mV pk-pk at continuous load, ensuring clear communication without interference.

  5. High Efficiency: Operating at a power conversion efficiency of typically 83%, optimizing energy usage and reducing operating costs.

  6. Robust Isolation: Provides isolation between input and case/output of 1.5kV AC/3.0kV AC rms, ensuring safety and protection against electrical hazards.

  7. Temperature Control: With a maximum case temperature of 70°C at full load and 25°C ambient temperature, maintaining optimal performance under varying conditions.

  8. Secure Connections: Equipped with convenient input and output connections including IEC-320 C14 socket, C13 terminated cordset, and 6.3mm push-on blade terminals for easy and secure installation.

  9. Safety Assurance: Offers overcurrent protection limited by current sensing circuitry, complying with relevant directives including EMC, low voltage, and CE marking directives.

  10. Certified Compliance: Tested to meet rigorous standards including EN60950, EN55022, and EN61204-3, ensuring reliability and adherence to industry regulations.

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