Alfatronix AD-HYT-615 Switch Mode Power Supply


The desktop power supplies popularly called the “wedge” due to their distinctive, ergonomically friendly shape, offer a convenient way to convert mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations.


The AD Series Desktop Power Supplies include a battery backup output as standard. This can be connected to maintain the charge in a lead acid battery to supply power in the event of a mains failure. As a neat alternative to a loose battery, Alfatronix also supplies a battery backup box, P/N AD BBB. This is designed to fit underneath the desktop supply and radio assembly and includes a 7Ah lead acid gel battery, presenting all three components as one tidy desktop assembly. Alfatronix AD-HYT-615 Switch Mode Power Supply


Input Voltage Range Auto select, 85-185 vac and 170-265 vac. 50Hz/60Hz
Output 13.6V DC worst case limits are +/-4%, 108W (9A)
Output Noise <50mV pk-pk at continuous load
Power Conversion Efficiency Typically 83%
Isolation Between Input and Case/Output 1.5kVsc/0.3kVac ms
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +30ºC to meet this specification table, +30ºC to +70ºC de-rate linearly to 0A
Storage Temperature -25ºC to +100ºC
Operating Humidity 95% max, non-condensing
Casework Anodised aluminium, glass-filled polycarbonate
Connections EC-320 C14 socket, C13 terminated cordset, 6.3 mm push-on blade terminals, 6.3 mm push-on blade terminals, adjacent to output (additional external ground if required)
Output Indicator Green LED mains output on, Orange LED battery back-up mode
Mounting Method By rubber feet on base and direct to radio above
Safe Area Protection Over Current Limited by the current sensing circuit
Over Heat Limited by the temperature sensing circuit
Transients Protected by filters and rugged component
Catastrophic Failure Protected by input and output fuses
Approvals 2014/30/EU The general EMC directive, 2014/35/EU the low voltage directive, 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive


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