Li-Ion 24V Battery Pack


Upgrade your radio’s power capabilities with the Li-Ion 24V Battery Pack. Designed for professionals in need of reliable and efficient energy solutions, this advanced lithium battery pack is an essential tool in enhancing your radio performance.

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Experience the power of innovation with our Li-Ion 24V Battery Pack, expertly designed to meet the precise needs of professionals in the radio industry. This cutting-edge battery pack offers a seamless and reliable energy solution for your equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation during critical moments.

Crafted with utmost precision, this lithium-ion battery pack boasts an internal protection circuit that guarantees safety by providing foolproof overload and short circuit protection. Rest easy knowing that your valuable devices are shielded from potential hazards, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional performance without any compromise.

With its impressive rated voltage of 24V, our Li-Ion Battery Pack serves as a formidable force to keep your radios functioning optimally throughout extensive usage periods. Choose from various battery capacities ranging from 40Ah to an incredible 100Ah – tailoring your power source precisely according to your requirements. This flexibility ensures enhanced efficiency while allowing you to match it perfectly with different radio models or setups.

To further simplify your experience, we provide a dependable charger alongside this extraordinary battery pack. Say farewell to compatibility concerns as our charger seamlessly fits in line with the Li-Ion Battery Pack BP-005’s innovative design philosophy – delivering uncompromised charging capabilities when you need them most.


  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Input Voltage: 25.2v
  • Output Voltage: 16.5V – 25.2V
  • Diameter: 150 x 100 x 100 mm

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