Adonis D-8MC – Desk Microphone Cable


The Adonis D-8MC is a high-quality desk microphone cable designed specifically for seamless compatibility with the Alinco DR-605 radio transceiver.


Unleash the full potential of your communication setup with the Adonis D-8MC Desk Microphone Cable. Specially designed to pair seamlessly with Alinco’s DR-605 transceiver, this premium cable ensures a reliable and clear connection. Featuring a Modular Alinco Plug, the D-8MC integrates effortlessly with your equipment, enabling optimal signal transmission without the fuss of incompatibility.

Whether you’re setting up a ham radio station, a broadcasting studio, or a command center, the Adonis D-8MC is engineered to deliver unmatched durability and performance. Its robust construction wards off signal interference and withstands the rigors of both mobile and stationary use. Ensure that every word is transmitted with clarity and precision with this top-tier microphone cable from Adonis.

Upgrade your communication gear with the Adonis D-8MC and experience the difference in quality and connectivity.

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Weight0.3 kg

Black, Blue, Red