Acom 1500 – HF + 6m 1500W Amplifier


The Acom 1500 is a powerhouse, but user friendly Linear Amplifier, using a single 4CX1000A ceramic and metal radial beam tetrode tube.

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The TRI is a powerful tuning aid that, together with the automatically controlled input attenuator, helps the operator to quickly and precisely match the antenna impedance to the optimum tube load impedance (5-10 seconds typically). The auto-operate function (when enabled) maintains the amplifier in the OPERATE mode for you, thus avoiding unnecessary manual operations.Acom 1500 - HF + 6M 1500W Amplifier
Acom 1500 - HF + 6M 1500W AmplifierNo heavy outboard antenna tuners are required for the antenna. Your amplifier will enable you to change antennas virtually instantaneously and allow you to use your antennas over wider frequency ranges.
All amplifier status indications are explained via detailed text displayed on the dot matrix, high brightness vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). The upper line on the VFD always reads peak forward power. LED indicators are provided for OPERATE mode, attenuation-on, transmit, selected antenna output, and ON/OFF conditions.Acom 1500 - HF + 6M 1500W Amplifier

An amplifier that is both user-friendly and that looks after itself. It is designed to safely withstand up to 300W reflected power, up to 100 milliseconds duration of drive spikes, drive RF “tails” after a PTT or KEY release, operator’s inadvertent tuning errors etc. The amplifier also will not cease to function with “soft” AC mains and will deliver more than half power at only 85% of the nominal mains voltage. It can withstand voltage drops (down to zero Volts) for up to 10 milliseconds and can tolerate 15% mains voltage spikes. Three antenna outputs are selectable using a push-button on the front panel.

Bypass path VSWR less than 1.1:1 continuously output matching capability: better than VSWR 3:1 or greater at reduced output levels


Frequency CoverageAll amateur bands 1.8 – 54 MHz
Power Output1500W PEP or 1200W continuous carrier, no mode limit
Intermodulation DistortionBetter than 35dB below-rated output
Hum and NoiseBetter than 40dB below-rated output
Harmonic Output SuppressionBetter than 50dB below-rated output 24 – 54 MHz – better than 66dB below-rated output
Input and Output Impedances50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors
Input CircuitBroadband VSWR less than 1.3:1 continuously (no tunings, no switching)
RF Gain13dB typically, frequency response less than 1dB (60-85W drive power for rated output)
Primary Power85-132V and 170-264V (100, 110, 120,200, 210, 220, 230 and 240V nominal taps, +10%-15%tol.), 50 – 60 Hz, single phase, 3500VA
Size422 x 355 x 195 mm
Weight26.5 kg
Temperature Range0 – +50 Celsius
HumidityUp to 95% @ +35 Celsius


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Weight26.7 kg