ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch


Introducing the ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch – the perfect companion for your HF + 6 m antenna setup. With its integrated four-way antenna switch and automatic tuning capabilities, this tuner ensures optimal performance and impedance matching.


Designed specifically for use with the ACOM series of solid-state amplifiers, such as the ACOM 500S, 600S, 700S, 1200S, or ACOM 2020S, the ACOM 06AT tuner simplifies your setup. A single press of the TUNE button on the amplifier front panel is all it takes to activate the tuner for CAT transceivers.

ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and SwitchForget about manual tuning or constant adjustments. Set up your user presets for different frequency segments and antennas, and the tuner will automatically load the appropriate settings as you change frequencies and antennas. The tuner offers four different antenna options: Narrowband – Sharp, Normal – Regular, and broadband-wide, allowing you to choose based on your specific needs.

With non-volatile memory for user presets, you can store and recall over 1000 fixed frequencies for each antenna output. Backup and import features let you easily transfer preset data to and from your computer, ensuring your settings are always safe and accessible.

Tuning with the ACOM 06AT is quick and efficient. Full tuning can be completed within 5 seconds (typically 2-3 seconds) at the tuner input power of 25W, with less than 6W emitted at the antenna output. For even faster tuning, the non-volatile memory presets can be activated in less than 0.05 seconds without emitting any signals.ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch

The ACOM 06AT ensures reliable performance and protection. The relay switching mechanism only operates when no RF current is flowing, preventing contact arcing and maintaining excellent receiving performance. The tuner also includes various protection mechanisms for antenna overvoltage, antenna overcurrent, excessive power, extreme temperatures, power supply voltages, and relay hot-switching. An integrated lightning arrestor and bleeder resistor protect against static discharges, with automatic grounding of antennas when powering down.

ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch

Constructed with high-quality materials, including air-core coils and NP0 (C0G) ceramic capacitors, the matching circuit of the ACOM 06AT ensures improved harmonic suppression and a low-pass L filter configuration.

Installation flexibility is another advantage of the ACOM 06AT. It can be located up to 100 m (330 ft) away from the shack, perfect for positioning it in a different room while still maintaining convenient control.

With its wide frequency range from 1.8 to 30 MHz and 50 to 54 MHz, the ACOM 06AT provides continuous matching for all impedances with SWR from 1:1 to 3:1 towards 50 Ohm, ensuring optimal performance across multiple bands. The maximum allowed power output varies depending on the antenna SWR, ranging from 1500W for SWR below 2.5:1 to 200W for SWR between 5 and 10:1.In terms of specifications, the ACOM 06AT measures 212 x 312 x 158 mm and weighs 3.8 kg. It operates within a temperature range of -10 to +40 degrees Celsius, with a relative air humidity of up to 95% at +35 degrees Celsius. It can be used at altitudes of up to 3050 m (10000 ft) without any degradation in output performance.

Transform your antenna setup with the ACOM 06AT Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch – the reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for impeccable impedance matching and smooth operations.

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