5/8 Wave Open Coil VHF 3/8 th Mobile Antenna


Upgrade your mobile communication with our top-of-the-line VHF Open Coil Mobile Antenna. Designed to cater to professionals across diverse industries, this high-performance antenna offers a frequency range of 165 – 174 MHz, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted signal transmission.


Equipped with an impressive gain of 3.5 dBd, our Mobile Antenna guarantees enhanced reception and exceptional clarity even in challenging environments. Whether you’re navigating remote terrains or bustling urban areas, stay connected without compromising on quality.

Crafted for durability and longevity, the antenna boasts a length of 130 cm, providing optimal reach while maintaining its sleek appearance. With a power handling capacity of up to 300 Watts, it effortlessly handles heavy usage without sacrificing performance.

Engineered for seamless compatibility, the Fitting 38th type ensures easy installation onto various devices or vehicles. Its user-friendly design allows hassle-free setup so that you can begin experiencing improved connectivity within moments.


Frequency 165 – 174 MHz
Gain 3.5 dBd
Length 130 cm
VSWR 1.5:1 or Better
Power 300 Watts
Fitting 38th Type

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Weight 1 kg