3006P Multi-turn Precision Potentiometer


The products are widely used in instruments and meters, electrical appliances, audio equipment, communication, medical facilities, security products, UPS power supply, industrial control TV sets, video recorders, MP3, MP4, VCD players, DVD players, telephones, office automation equipment and information communication equipment and other fields.

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The potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor. When the rotary or sliding handle of the potentiometer is adjusted, the movable contact slides on the resistor body. At this time, at the output end of the potentiometer, an output voltage that has a certain relationship with the external voltage of the potentiometer and the angle or stroke of the movable arm can be obtained. When the potentiometer is used as a rheostat, it should be connected as a two-end device, so that within the stroke range of the potentiometer, a smooth and continuous resistance value can be obtained. When the potentiometer is used as a current controller, one of the selected current output terminals must be the sliding contact terminal.


Electrical Specifications
Nominal Resistance
5 Ω ~ 5 MΩ
Resistance Tolerance
±10%, ±5%
Terminal Resistance
≤ ±1% R or 2 Ω
Contact Resistance Variation (CRV)
≤ ±1% R or 3 Ω
Insulation Resistance
≥ 1 GΩ (100 V AC)
Withstand Voltage
640 V (DC or AC peak value)
Effective Electrical Travel
≥70% of mechanical travel


Environment Specifications
Rated Power
0.5 W (300 V max)
Temperature Range
-55°C ~ +125°C
±250×10-6 ppm/°C
Collision (390 m/S2, 4000 times)
ΔR ≤ ±1% R
Vibration (10 – 500 Hz, 0.75 mm, 6 h)
ΔR ≤ ±1% R, ΔUab/Uac ≤ ±2% R, Electrical break ≤ 100 μS
Temperature variation (-55°C / 30 min, +125°C / 30 min, 5 cycles)
ΔR ≤ ±2% R, ΔUab/Uac ≤ ±2% R
Climate Category (IEC68-2-2)
ΔR ≤ ±(5% R + 0.1 Ω), Insulation Resistance ≥ 100 MΩ
Electrical Endurance (0.5 W, 1000 h)
ΔR ≤ ± (5% R + 0.1 Ω), CRV ≤ ±3% R or 5 Ω
Mechanical Endurance (200 cycles)
ΔR ≤ ±(10% R + 0.5 Ω), CRV ≤ ±3% R or 5 Ω
Steady Damp Heat (IEC68-2-3, Ca, 96 h)
ΔR ≤ ±(5% R + 0.1 Ω), Insulation Resistance ≥ 100 MΩ


Physical Specifications
Total Mechanical Travel
22 ± 2 laps
Starting Torque
≤ 35 mN·m


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