LiFePO4 6Ah/12V Portable Battery Pack


Enhance your radio experience with the LiFePO4 6Ah/12V Portable Battery Pack, a technological marvel designed exclusively for professionals in the radio industry. Raising the bar with its Lithium Iron Phosphate composition, this battery pack combines premium performance and durability to elevate your radio equipment to new heights.



Power your radio and small electronics with the LiFePO4 6Ah/12V Portable Battery Pack. Crafted with advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, this rechargeable battery offers a reliable and long-lasting source of energy for professionals in the radio industry.

With its impressive 6Ah capacity and 12V voltage, this battery pack effortlessly powers your devices, ensuring uninterrupted performance throughout your workday. Say goodbye to frequent recharging as this lithium-ion powerhouse can be used over and over again without losing efficiency or reliability.

Designed with durability in mind, the case of this portable battery pack is built using tough ABS material. Its robust construction guarantees resilience against accidental bumps during transportation or on-the-go usage. So whether you’re out on an assignment or moving between locations, rest assured that your trusty power source is securely protected.

The true standout feature lies in its exceptional lifespan, boasting a remarkable cycle rating of over 4000+. This means you can rely on this battery pack day after day without worrying about premature failure. No more constant replacements or additional costs – simply enjoy extended product longevity.

Ideal for professionals seeking a versatile power solution for their radios and other electronic equipment, the LiFePO4 6Ah/12V Portable Battery Pack combines convenience, reliability, and quality craftsmanship into one indispensable device. Invest in excellence today and experience seamless performance wherever your profession takes you!


  • Size: 152 x 65 x 94 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 6Ah


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