10 Ah Mini Portable Power Bank

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In addition to two USB-A output ports, there is also a USB-C output port. The three interfaces can output at the same time to charge 3 devices.

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The standard charger is 1/3 larger and can be easily put in your pocket.

Using high-quality lithium-ion polymer batteries, the three new iPhone SE2 still have power.

USB-A and USB-C support single-port 22.5 W max output, which can provide fast charging for smart devices. With the Xiaomi Type-C to lightning data cable (1m), the charging time for iPhone 11 is 54% shorter than using Apple’s original 5 W charger.

Three Devices Can Be Charged At The Same Time, Mobile Phones, Tablets, And Switch Can Be Charged.

USB-C Two-way Fast Charging, Faster Self-charging Experience.


It has two high-power input interfaces, USB-C and Micro-USB. The USB-C interface supports two-way fast charging. The input capability of 22.5 W max greatly reduces the waiting time for self-charging.

Double-click the battery check button to enter the low-current charging mode, which can charge low-current devices such as Bluetooth earphone and Miband. Easily solve the charging needs of small current devices in daily life.

Using high-precision resistance-capacitance sensing devices, advanced chipset are not only safe, but also can effectively increase the conversion rate, stabilize the discharge voltage, and provide multiple circuit protections. Provide users with safe power supply in daily life.

10 Ah Mini Portable Power Bank




Battery Energy 37Wh 3.7 V, IOOOOmAh
Rated Capacity 5500mAh (5 V / 3A)
Battery Type Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Input Interface USB-C / Micro-USB
Output Interface USB-C / USB-A
Input Parameters USB-C 5 V – 3A, 9 V – 2.5 A
Output Parameters 22.5 W/ Max
Size 90 x 63.9 x 24.4

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    Great believe bank, charged came. Packed well. Shipping fast. Thank you

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