0.5 MHz – 470 MHz RF Signal Generator


Built-in 800 Hz audio modulation with analog digital CTCSS function.

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The device is designed to generate high-frequency signals at frequencies of 0.5 MHz – 470 MHz, with the possibility of their modulation by an audio signal with a frequency of 800 Hz. Allows you to smoothly adjust the RF signal strength within -70 – 132 dBm. It can be used to measure the sensitivity and selectivity of the receiving paths of various devices, as well as for other purposes.

RF Generator Specifications

Main features of the 0.5 – 470 MHz signal generator
Frequency Range 0.5 – 470 MHz
Output Level -70….-131 dBm
Supply Voltage 12 V
FM Tone Modulation 1, 2, 3 kHz
Built-in Audio Modulation 800 Hz with analog, digital noise reduction (CTCSS) function
CTCSS Subtone Generator for FM 50 – 280 Hz
Signal Conversion Process 1: Frequency modulated
2: Demodulated
Availability of Non-Volatile Memory there is
User Interface Power switch, LCD display, digital buttons, function buttons.
control buttons:
F1 – select the parameter to change (frequency, level, tone)
F2 – delete the digit when entering, in case of an error
F3 – on / off the selected output parameter
F4 – switch the sub-tone setting modes
General Features
Display Backlit LCD display, 3.0 x 4.9 in
Connectors Front panel: RF connector; coaxial electrical connector (BNC)
Back panel: power supply (+-12 V)
Overall Dimensions 155 x 120 x 63 mm
Equipment RF generator 0.5 MHz – 470 MHz – 1 pcs
Removable stand – 1 pcs
Test Methods: During the test, the frequency of the signal source input transceiver is first set to -100 DB or any value. The intercom has audio output and then reduces the output strength of the source. For example, the -120 DB just heard the intercom audio signal but there was noise. The audio signal just hears that the -120 DB value of this output is the receiving sensitivity of the radio.

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