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    Managing and securely storing evidence is an integral and vital part of any bodycam solution – an effective evidence management platform protects not only the public involved in captured footage but also enforcement personnel using bodycams and the organisations to which they belong.

    SmartMDM IDS is a professional evidence management solution, which allows footage to be automatically uploaded and removed from the RVM for retrospective management and to ensure the camera’s available memory is always in optimal condition.


    SmartMDM IDS (Integrated Device Station)

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  • $14,038.00

    SmartMDM Professional is the system to effectively manage and control multi-mode radios, narrowband radios and body-worn cameras. It helps users to manage fleets of communication devices in a faster, easier and smarter way, minimising the risks to the radio user as well as the device. Key functions which users can achieve with Smart MDM Professional are remote configuration, remote firmware and software upgrades, application and connection whitelisting and programming.


    SmartMDM Professional

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