POTA – Parks On The Air HAM Radio Program

23/11/2022 Off By radioarenadmin

Parks on the Air (POTA) is an ongoing initiative that encourages amateur radio operators to improve their abilities while also building community and promoting the hobby to the general public. Thousands of parks are accessible in the programme across the world, each offering a distinct experience. The character of your encounter will also be influenced by operating methods and seasons. POTA is really about radio operators visiting parks and making communications with other radio operators in any area from within the parks. An activator is a licenced amateur radio operator who operates in a park on POTA’s designated list and communicates with other licenced amateurs. Any other licenced radio operator who contacts an activator at a park is referred to as a hunter. A successful activation necessitates at least 10 QSOs from a park on the authorised list in a single UTC day. Please visit the POTA website for further information.

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