Smallest Ever HF transceiver? Let’s See Its Performance from a SOTA Summit

30/11/2022 Off By radioarenadmin

Adam Kimmerly K6ARK took the concept of “small” to an entirely new level with the prototype Micro Pixie transceiver that he created. What better way is there to put it through its paces than by attempting to activate a SOTA peak with it? As a result, in this video, K6ARK decides to test the capabilities of this ridiculously little item by taking it to a SOTA summit that has never been activated before. SOTA, which stands for Summits on the Air, is a recognition programme for radio amateurs that supports mobile operating in mountainous regions. Is a transceiver that weighs 2.7 grams and has an output power of 850 milliwatts enough to get the job done? Keep an eye on it.