IOTA – Islands On The Air

05/12/2022 Off By radioarenadmin

IOTA is an interesting activity programme that has captured the attention of thousands of radio amateurs throughout the world. It was founded in 1964 and encourages radio communications with stations located on islands across the world in order to improve the amateur radio experience for everybody. To do so, it draws on the pervasive mystery surrounding islands. It is managed by Islands On The Air (IOTA) Limited (referred to here as IOTA Management) in conjunction with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

IOTA Management has categorised the islands of the seas into around 1200 IOTA groups with varied numbers of counters, or qualifying islands, in each group according to geographical considerations, and has published the listings in the IOTA Directory and on the IOTA website. For the IOTA Island Chaser, the goal is to establish radio contact with at least one counter in as many of these groups as feasible, whereas for the IOTA Island Activator, the purpose is to offer such island connections. The program’s rule structure is robust. IOTA Management fosters friendly rivalry among chasers by publicising details of their achievement in an Honor Roll and yearly rankings, and by recognising it with certificates and prestigious awards. Michael Wells G7VJR has made Club Log available for QSO matching for IOTA awards.

The video shows the K7K Kiska Island IOTA expedition NA-070 in July 2022.