GB9DAT Special Event Station Dedicated to Advancing Digital Modes in HAM Radio

24/05/2024 Off By radioarenadmin

GB9DAT is a special event station dedicated to advancing and promoting digital modes in amateur radio. Our goal is to engage and educate the amateur radio community about the exciting possibilities that digital communications offer. By operating GB9DAT, we aim to showcase a variety of data modes, including FT8, FT4, PSK, and RTTY, among others. GB9DAT will be active from June 1st to June 28th, 2024, on all HF bands, ensuring ample opportunity for contacts using different digital modes.

Digital modes have revolutionized amateur radio, providing efficient and effective means of communication, especially under challenging conditions where traditional modes might falter. These modes offer unique opportunities for experimentation, communication, and global connection, which are fundamental to the spirit of amateur radio.

Throughout our operation, we will provide live demonstrations and Q&A sessions to assist both new and experienced operators in understanding and utilizing these technologies. We invite participants to explore the nuances of different digital modes, optimize their setups, and enjoy the thrill of making contacts in modes they might not have tried before.

GB9DAT is not just an event; it’s a learning platform. Whether you are a seasoned digital mode operator or new to digital frequencies, we welcome you to join us in this celebration of innovation in amateur radio. Connect with us, learn with us, and expand the horizons of what amateur radio can achieve with digital modes!

Stay tuned for our operating schedule and frequencies. Let’s make waves across the bands and push the boundaries of digital communication together!

The GB9DAT Award

Eligibility: The GB9DAT Award is open to all radio amateurs possessing valid licenses. The award recognizes individuals who have successfully made QSOs (two-way contacts) with the GB9DAT special event station. Please note that this award is not available to shortwave listeners (SWLs).

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Award Criteria: Participants must accumulate a total of 5 points to qualify for the GB9DAT Award. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for each QSO made on a new band.
  • 1 point for each QSO made using a new mode.

Modes recognized for this award include FT8, FT4, BPSK31, BPSK63, RTTY, MFSK, Olivia, Throb, DominoEX, MT63, Thor, and other digital modes featured during the event. Contacts on different bands (e.g., 20m, 40m, etc.) also contribute to the point tally, with each new band contact providing an additional point.

Application Process: To apply for the GB9DAT Award, participants should send their application in free form via email to Applications must include:

  • Your call sign.
  • List of QSOs made, including date, mode, and band.
  • Any additional supporting information you wish to provide.

Award Issuance: The award will be issued as a high-quality PNG file via email. This format allows recipients to download and print the award at their convenience, offering a personal and immediate way to receive and display the accolade.

Additional Information:

  • The award is entirely free of charge.
  • Ensure that your application includes accurate and complete information to facilitate smooth processing.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements and participation in the GB9DAT event. Happy operating, and good luck earning the GB9DAT Award!


We are pleased to offer a diverse collection of 15 unique GB9DAT paper QSL-cards, each with its own reference number. When requesting a paper QSL card to confirm your QSO, you have the opportunity to choose the design you prefer from the options listed below. If you are making contacts on multiple bands or modes, feel free to request a different QSL-card for each, allowing you to collect a variety of unique designs. The QSL-cards can be requested either directly or via OQRS.

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We are delighted to announce that Unicom Radio, accessible at, is the official sponsor for the GB9DAT special event station. Unicom Radio has generously provided crucial equipment and antennas, ensuring the success of our operations. Their support enhances our ability to showcase various digital modes and engage with the amateur radio community effectively. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Unicom Radio for their contribution and support.