GB6WW Operates from Scotland as a Poignant Tribute to Commemorate the End of World War II

23/04/2024 Off By radioarenadmin

The special event amateur radio station GB6WW will be working from Glasgow, Scotland, from 1st to 28th May, 2024 as a poignant tribute to commemorate the end of World War II. This event is not just about celebrating victory but also remembering the sacrifices made and the lessons learned from one of the darkest periods in human history. Amateur radio has a long-standing tradition of bringing people together from across the globe, and GB6WW embodies this spirit by connecting individuals through the airwaves to reflect on peace and freedom. The event encourages participants to learn about the technological advancements of the time, the role of communication in the war effort, and the importance of radio as a tool for both information and morale. By tuning into GB6WW, participants and listeners can explore the past, honor the memory of those who served and suffered, and celebrate the peace and freedom that their sacrifices secured. This event is a reminder of the power of communication to bridge time, space, and differences, fostering a global community united in remembrance and hope.

The GB6WW Award

The GB6WW Award celebrates the achievement of amateur radio operators who have successfully made contact with the GB6WW station on three different bands, irrespective of the mode. This award is a testament to the skill and dedication of amateur radio enthusiasts participating in this significant event commemorating the end of World War II. Below are the rules and guidelines for obtaining this prestigious award:

Eligibility: To qualify for the Special GB6WW Award, an operator must establish contact (QSO) with the GB6WW station on at least three different amateur radio bands. The mode of contact does not affect eligibility.

Award Format: The award is provided as a high-quality PDF file, which recipients can download and print at their convenience. This format allows for a personal and immediate way to receive and display the award.

Application Process:

If you have made QSOs with GB6WW on three or more bands, you are eligible to apply for the award.
To apply, send an email to with the details of your contacts. Please include your call sign, the dates of the QSOs, and the bands on which they occurred.

There is no application fee. The GB6WW Award is completely free, underscoring the spirit of amateur radio and the commemorative nature of the event.

Verification: All applications will undergo a verification process to confirm the QSOs with GB6WW. This process ensures the integrity and value of the award.

Award Issuance: Once your QSOs have been verified, the PDF award file will be emailed to you. You can then print the award for display.

Privacy Notice: Personal information provided during the application process will be used solely for the purpose of verifying QSOs and issuing the award.

The GB6WW Award is not only a recognition of your amateur radio achievements but also a symbol of your participation in this important commemorative event. We look forward to celebrating your success and contribution to the amateur radio community.


Unicom Radio, as the equipment sponsor for GB6WW, significantly contributes to commemorating the end of World War II. This collaboration underscores Unicom Radio’s commitment to the amateur radio community and the importance of remembering historical events. By providing cutting-edge radio equipment, Unicom Radio ensures the event’s global reach and the clarity of its message. Their support not only enhances the technical capabilities of GB6WW but also highlights the role of amateur radio in education and peace promotion. Through this partnership, Unicom Radio demonstrates its dedication to advancing radio communication and fostering connections across the world.