Achieve More with E-Pack 100

26/03/2021 Off By Andy Ptyushkin


For anybody involved in field operations requiring a temporary communications system, Hytera’s E-Pack 100 solves the problem. The E-Pack 100 is a digital wireless ad-hoc repeater with versatility which leads to a flexible communication system that is quickly deployed.

The E-pack can be used as a radio to make and receive calls, but also creates a wireless mobile ad-hoc network to route voice communications. With Hytera’s IP (Intellectual Patent), one E-pack can function as a radio, repeater and a mesh node with one frequency, significantly saving frequency resources.

Its light, small and IP67-certified design allows the E-pack to be installed in a vehicle, carried in a backpack, pole-mounted, or wall-mounted. Its suitability lends itself to temporary communications coverage both indoors and outdoors – helping users to achieve more.



Achieve… wireless ad-hoc mobile networking
The E-Pack 100 can create a wireless mobile ad-hoc network with a maximum of 32 nodes. The ad-hoc network is self-configuring and dynamic where E-Pack nodes can move freely.

Achieve… rapid deployment
Based on a mobile wireless ad-hoc network, Hytera E-Packs are capable of creating and joining networks to deploy the communication system on power-up.

Achieve… GSM backup link
With an embedded GSM card, if an E-Pack node is away from the network it can make a call via public network to any other E-Pack node on the network. This ensures radios within its coverage can always communicate with all radios on the network.

Achieve… highly reliable networking
If an E-Pack node within a network moves away or malfunctions, voice will automatically route to another E-Pack node in order to guarantee link continuity.


Watch Hytera product expert Chris Cant explain how the E-Pack 100 allows users in mission-critical situations to achieve more. To discover more about E-Pack 100, head over to our E-Pack product page.